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Any Gold Symbol MTG Rare

Any Gold Symbol MTG Rare

  • Description

    Please be advised this rate is NOT available in-store. You must submit your offer via our online buylist to receive this rate.

    Any NM or SP Magic: The Gathering card with a gold expansion symbol qualifies!

    You can send older rares without color-coded symbols. Keep in mind most early expansion sets did not have rare sheets. For our purposes, these sets do not have rares, so you should not send any of those. We can probably make an exception for any Bazaars or Workshops you have, however. ;)

    MP rares will be purchased for 50% of the NM/SP rate.

    HP or DAMAGED rares will, at our option, be purchased for $0.005 (0.5¢) each or refused.

    Non-rares received under this submission will be purchased at the current rate of its actual rarity. (This includes cards from any set that doesn't have a rare sheet.)

    If we receive any cards that we determine to be counterfeit, we will contact you, mark the cards, and return them to you at your expense.  18 U.S. Code § 1341

    You will be responsible for return shipping costs of any refused submissions.