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Terms and Conditions of Alternate Universes Online Buylist Match Offer

  • THIS PROMOTION IS INACTIVE AS OF 9/10/2020. We'll announce any future reactivations in the Latest Updates section.
  • By requesting us to match another vendor's buy price, you acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to these terms.
  • This is a limited-time offer and may be changed or discontinued at any time, with or without notice.
  • We will match many online CASH buy prices for near mint, English, nonfoil, normal frame, non-promo versions of Standard, Pioneer, and Modern-legal cards.
  • Here are some examples of what we will and won't match:
    • As of this writing there are seven (!) English versions of the card Brazen Borrower: regular frame nonfoil, regular frame foil, showcase frame nonfoil, showcase frame foil, promo pack nonfoil, promo pack foil, and prerelease foil. Of those seven, we'll only match prices for the regular frame nonfoil.
    • As of this writing there are six English versions of the card Polluted Delta: Onslaught nonfoil, Onslaught foil, Judge Promo foil, Khans of Tarkir nonfoil, Khans of Tarkir foil, and Zendikar Expedition foil. Of those six, we'll match prices for the Onslaught and Khans of Tarkir nonfoils. While Onslaught is not part of Standard, Pioneer, or Modern, Polluted Delta is Modern-legal, so we're willing to match.
    • Even though Oko, Thief of Crowns is banned in Standard, Pioneer, and Modern (as of this writing... ah, who are we kidding, he's not getting unbanned) we'll match prices for the regular frame nonfoil. Just temper your expectations.
  • To take advantage of this offer, submit your buylist according to the instructions provided on the buylist homepage. In the comment section of the buylist checkout, list the cards you'd like us to match (include the set if you're selling multiple printings of the same card), the online retailer to match, and the buy price they are offering, as seen below.
  • We'll verify the prices upon receiving notice of your submission. In case of any discrepancies, it will be assumed you are OK with us buying the card at our current price.
  • We will only match prices for identical versions of cards on our buylist. For example, we are unable to honor another vendor's Magic 2010 Lightning Bolt buy price for your Masters 25 Lightning Bolt.
  • We will only match another online retailer's Near Mint cash price, not their credit price or prices for any other condition. If you've requested payment from us in store credit, we'll apply our current bonus to their cash price. 
  • Deductions for non-Near Mint cards will be applied as normal.
  • The buy price must be publicly viewable on an online retailers' direct website. As such, this excludes prices from locations including, but not limited to, craigslist, reddit, Facebook groups, TCGplayer's "Trade-In" program, private buylists, and on-location MagicFest vendors.
  • The buy prices must not be behind a paywall or require a user login to access. As such, this excludes buy prices seen only on this website and those from the well-known online retailer "Essceegee Games."
  • We are unable to match "hot" buy prices or any price we suspect may be an error (example: a card that might "normally" bought for $0.50 has a buy price of $50).
  • If an online buylist specifies a maximum quantity they are buying, we reserve the right to buy only up to that quantity as well.