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Exclusive AU Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Preview: Siphon Insight!

Thanks to Wizards for the opportunity to preview a card from the upcoming Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set! Allow us to present... Siphon Insight!

One of your opponents just resolved a Vampiric Tutor? Nice card you have there... shame if something were to happen to it!

While being able to steal a freshly topdeck tutor-ed for card is awesome and all, this card can be great even when the stars don't line up perfectly. Remember the card Think Twice from the original Innistrad*? This is almost like casting Think Twice off your opponent's deck with upside!

Want to play this card as soon as it becomes available? Click here for more information on Innistrad: Midnight Hunt prereleases being held at all three AU stores!

And don't forget to preorder sealed Innistrad: Midnight Hunt products at your local AU!

* Yes, I know Think Twice was originally printed in Time Spiral. We're flashing back (pun semi-intended) to old Innistrad sets here!

June 5th: All AU Stores to Reopen!

I assure you, we're re-open!

Hooray! Click here for the full announcement on the main Alternate Universes page!

"Pay in-store" and in-store pickup for all stores will be re-enabled prior to re-opening!

We can't wait to see you all again! We thank all of you so much for your support over the past several weeks! (And of course before and after then as well!)

May 15th: AU Wilmington reopens for curbside pickup! Pick up your Ikoria preorders!

Alternate Universes Wilmington will be reopening on a limited basis for curbside pickup starting Friday, May 15th! To arrange to purchase and pick up items sold in the Wilmington store please call the store at (302) 482-3480 at least a half-hour before you intend to come to pick up. Once you are outside please call the store again. We will come outside to take payment and deliver purchases. Ikoria booster packs, boxes, bundles and prerelease kits will be available for purchase that day in addition to all products the store regularly sells.

Additionally, if you preordered Ikoria or Commander 2020 product you can pick it up at the Wilmington store beginning May 15th. To arrange for this, please contact us by end of business on Wednesday, May 13th (if you have not already done so). Otherwise, your preorder will be shipped to you.

You may pick up online store orders curbside! To faciliate this, we have created a new Curbside Pickup - Wilmington shipping option and re-enabled Pay in Store! You will see both options upon checking out. Please be mindful of the following restrictions:

  • We are only offering curbside pickup at the Wilmington store. At this time we cannot offer this service at our Holmes or Blue Bell locations.
  • The pay in store option is to be used only in conjunction with the curbside pickup option.
  • If you wish to use an AU gift card for payment you may present it curbside or use our new procedure.
  • Online inventory is currently stored at the Holmes store. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for your order to be available for pickup at Wilmington. We will email you when the order is ready for pickup.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any order not paid for and picked up within 14 days of its availability for pickup.


Friday, May 15th ONLY: Noon to 8 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Noon to 5 PM


Wednesday and Thursday: 3 PM to 7 PM

Friday: 2 PM to 8 PM

Once again, we would like to thank everybody for supporting us during this time. We cannot wait until we can open our doors to everybody at all three stores again!

Announcing... Online Buylist (Re) Launch and Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition Sweepstakes!

Allow us to announce the formal re-launch of our online buylist!

You can currently sell us the following, with plenty more to come along!

  • Magic: The Gathering singles
  • Magic: The Gathering bulk
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! bulk
  • Pokemon bulk

Choose payment in store credit and receive a 30% BONUS over our cash prizes! *

In addition, if you find a better buy price online, let us know and we’ll match it! **

But wait, there’s still more! We are running a sweepstakes to promote this launch! We are giving away the following prizes:

  • 4 $25 AU gift cards
  • 2 $50 AU gift cards
  • 1 $100 AU gift card 

and last, but certainly not least:

There are five ways to earn entries to the sweepstakes. (You may earn entries using each method only once.)

  • “Like” the announcement on our Facebook page to receive one entry! “Share” that status to your Facebook wall to receive FIVE entries!
  • Request one entry via the “Contact Us” form!
  • Request one entry by making a post to the #sweepstakes-entries channel on the Alternate Universes Discord server!
  • Request one entry by mailing us a postcard listing your three favorite trading cards (Magic or any other game) to receive one entry!

All entries must include your full legal name to be considered valid. The sweepstakes runs from May 1st to May 31st. Winners will be drawn on or about June 7th. Full rules for the sweepstakes can be viewed here.

* Not all products qualify for a store credit bonus. Complete buylist instructions, terms, and conditions are available here.

** Not all products qualify for a buy price match. Complete buylist match instructions, terms, and conditions are available here.

MTG online buylist now available!

UPDATE 4/23: Our buylist is disabled for now... but big things are coming! Stay tuned!

One more announcement tonight... you can now sell us MTG singles online! Currently we have buy prices for Standard sets. We will start adding the Pioneer format next, and then proceed further back in time from there.

Take store credit instead of cash as payment and receive a 25% bonus!

Support for Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Cardfight!! Vanguard singles is planned as well.

Click the link above or "Buylist" along the top of the home page to get started!

Warhammer 40,000 now available online!

We are happy to announce most of our in-store Warhammer 40,000 models, paints, and other accessories are now available to order directly from our online store!

Paints and Accessories


(Full disclosure: these two sections are still very much under construction. Please pardon our space dust.)

Sleeves, Discord, and Ikoria and Commander 2020 preorders! Oh my!

The following Ikoria and Commander 2020 products are now available for preorder!

  • Ikoria booster box: $105 (receive 1 Godzilla Buy-a-Box promo)
  • Ikoria booster case: $600 (receive 6 Godzilla Buy-a-Box promos)
  • Ikoria bundle: $44.99
  • Ikoria prerelease kit: $30 (includes 2 additional draft boosters)
  • Commander 2020 decks: $39.99
  • Set of 5 Commander 2020 decks: $175 (receive 1 random Promo Pack)

All preorders will be shipped to you for FREE on the release date of May 15th! (If we are allowed to re-open our stores by then, in-store pickup will be an option.)

(Please note: Preorders must be paid in full at time of purchase. Store credit (online or in-store) may not be used to pay for preorder products. Buy-a-Box promos and Promo Packs available while supplies last.)

In addition, an assortment of Ultimate Guard and Dragon Shield products (including the hopefully soon-to-be-relatively-famous Random Color option) are now available for purchase online! Click here!

Last, but certainly not least, Alternate Universes now has our own Discord server! Click here or scan the QR code below to join us! See you there!

AU Discord Server

Assorted TCG sealed products now available for purchase!

We have started migrating our in-store sealed product inventory to the online store. Pricing is the same both in-store and online. All orders will be shipped to you for FREE!

Included are the following NEW RELEASES!

  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Secret Slayers booster boxes and individual booster packs
  • Magic: 2020 Challenger Decks, available for purchase individually or as a complete set (with discount)

In addition, most sealed product purchases qualify for bonus items! Some examples:

  • Magic booster boxes: One random nonfoil promo pack included with each box purchased. One random FOIL promo pack included for every two boxes purchased!
  • Yu-G-Oh booster boxes: One Lost Art Edge Imp Sabres included with each purchase!
  • Pokemon booster boxes: Two random GXs included with each box purchased!

Other sealed products also include bonuses. Click on an item's Description to see any included bonuses.

(all bonuses subject to availability)

More sealed products (and plenty of other items) are coming soon!

Thank you so much for your continued support! We hope to see all of you in-store again soon!

- Alternate Universes staff

In-store credit now accepted for online purchases!

Story time!

As many of you know our online store uses different software than our in-store POS. Unfortunately, the two systems are not compatible.

The original method to "use credit online" was to opt for in-store pickup then pay with your gift card when you get to the store. Easy peasy.

The indefinite closure of our stores required us to come up with another way to use your in-store credit online.

The first method we came up with (contacting us with a request to convert your in-store credit to online store credit) works but is obviously not ideal. By the time we're able to convert your credit, the products you were interested in might have sold. That's not good. (We will still convert your credit this way if desired.)

This new method will allow you to spend your in-store credit online as if it was online store credit, and as it turns out, it was there the whole time!

(Before proceeding, please make sure you know how much in-store credit you have. You can contact us to check your gift card balance. Unfortunately there is no other way to do this.)

When checking out you will now see an option for "On Account."


The full balance due appears by default. Click "Pay on Account" to proceed.

Use credit for entire balance


The full balance due appears by default. Adjust the amount as desired then click "Pay On Account." Then pay the remaining balance using another method. You MUST apply the payments in this order.

Split payment 


Check the box to add a note to the vendor. Enter the full number from the back of the gift card as shown below. Please do not enter any other payment information (e.g. credit card) information here! Click "Place Order" to submit the order! Your order will be shipped the next business day or sooner!

Include gift card number as a note

(Should your gift card balance be insufficient to cover the balance due we will contact you to provide an alternative payment. We reserve the right to cancel any orders we are unable to secure full payment for in a timely manner.)

COVID-19 Update

Effective today the Wilmington store is closed until further notice.